Belfield Lutheran Church offers choir, Sunday School, confirmation classes, Bible studies and more! We host and organize a community wide Vacation Bible School. An active church women's group supports mission projects in and around North Dakota and is passionate about community based fellowship events.


The Belfield-Medora Food Pantry (located in the Mission House situated immediately to the east of the church building) provides food

assistance to people in transition with an all volunteer staff. The pantry received the "Agency of the Year" award from Lutheran Social Services

in 2011 because it is considered the model food pantry in North

Dakota and the Red River Valley of Minnesota.


Traditional Liturgy, prayer and communion, with sermons and messages that speak to modern-era living set the atmosphere for deep, personal connections with the living God.



Belfield Lutheran Church, a member of the 3-point Belfield Daglum Medora Lutheran Parish, has recently welcomed a new Pastor, Dawn Busch.  She and her husband grew up in Montana and have lived in Boise, ID for the last several years.  She is a recent graduate of Luther Seminary and is excited to get to know you.  It's an exciting time for us and for the community we serve.  We're unified in our mission, and continue to celebrate God's work in our church, our parish, and our neighborhoods.

We hope you'll join us!

Belfield Lutheran Church

506 2nd Ave NE

Belfield, ND

(701) 575-4703

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